Each season brings something new to discover. Whether that is seen or felt, I have found that going with the flow brings the most peace and success. Embracing what the season brings can be sometimes challenging but it always provides little surprises and lessons along the way. Spring 2021 brought the release of our first ready-to-wear pieces — il Denaro Caftan, Soft Silk Face Masks and the Kaylee Cover-Up. If Spring was all about Ready-to-Wear, then Summer has been all about Custom Design. 

For a little background information, the collections are organized into three categories, Ready-to-wear, Custom Design and Couture. 

READY-TO-WEAR are styles that are offered in a size range with a specific fabric option. These pieces are available for purchase on the website and are made-to-order with a 3 week turnaround. 

CUSTOM DESIGN is more specific to you because you get to select a style and customize the fit and fabric. You get to choose a style from our collection and we will tailor it to your individual size and in most cases your own pattern will be drafted to ensure a perfect fit. You will also have the opportunity to select your choice of fabrics. 

COUTURE is the high end option where a new design is created specifically for and with you. The process for a Couture Design starts with the idea, client's measurements and then an original design that is draped or drafted. A fitting of the first sample determines any necessary changes. From there the final garment is made or if necessary additional samples until the design and fit is perfected. Past commissions have included everything from gowns to dance costumes to utilizing digitally printed artwork. There is no limit to the creative possibilities.

This Summer there were several Custom Design projects for clients. To visually take you through the process, here is Priscilla’s Custom Gold Column Dress.

A Virtual Custom Design

The Gold Column Dress is part of the Gilded Cage Collection and is a Custom Design piece – Priscilla wanted this dress but lived in Denver so we exchanged information virtually to make this design happen. She sent her measurements as requested to get the process started. First, some draping and dart manipulation was needed for this custom pattern.

Then her own pattern was drafted based on the pattern/design of the Gold Column Dress. Pleated gold fabric and special gold tassels were ordered just for this piece. After the digital pattern was perfected, the garment was cut and sewn.

Client Fitting

Priscilla visited Kansas City for a dress fitting and then alterations were made to the dress. It was then shipped to her in Denver.

As Spring turned into Summer it has been a joy to welcome you all into my studio for “Shop Collective,” a collaborative shopping event at the Livestock Exchange Building. As that is winding down for the summer I am beginning to plan for what’s next. – Sarah

“Golden hours of vision come to us in this present life, when we are at our best, and our faculties work together in harmony.” — Charles Fletcher Dole

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  • This behind-the-scenes look at how you work one-on-one with your client to create a custom piece is not only enlightening, but beautifully done. Of course, the dress itself is a masterpiece. Thank you for sharing this!

    Joanne Mullin on

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