Friends, I've been working on something special for you. I want to encourage everyone to be safe and stylish this season as the world and our social lives spark back to life. So I've designed the best fitting and feeling face masks. AND they are a gift with purchase of any clothing item through the summer.

What goes into the design of something as small and simple as a face mask? Quite a lot, actually. If you are curious about the process, I have a story for you...

All things have their place and time in the world. Designing and making something does not happen overnight. There is a reason why so many masks have failed in some aspect or another. It really all comes down to the fact that the design was rushed in order to meet consumer demand for them. All things in life (including face masks) need nurturing and patience to succeed. I actually didn’t have a desire to make any face masks during 2020. I was consumed with pandemic stress and was content to use medical masks or ones friends had made. As I tried many designs throughout the year, I took note of what totally failed. Too tight ear loops made of stiff elastic, nose bridges that “fell down” because there wasn’t enough secure stitching to keep them in place, fabric that caused breakouts better known as “maskne” and bulky shapes that obscured vision were just some of my mask ailments. As work picked back up and wearing a mask was a requirement all day, I finally felt the desire to make something better.

There is a reason for every design decision. First off, fabric is so important: all of my masks are made from silk — why? Silk is a natural fiber and breathable. Every mask is lined with silk charmeuse for that silky smooth feeling against your skin. You’ve heard of silk pillow cases, right? Same thing. It feels good and is comfortable.

Second and equally as important is the fit. The shape of this mask took quite a bit of fine tuning to get perfectly right. About 7 versions of the pattern were drafted, cut, sewn and worn to see what worked. Product development can be painstakingly long but it is my favorite part! Figuring out construction steps, elastic placement and all the little details come hand in hand. In the end you have a fabulous product made to last that looks and feels good. End of story.

What's a mask without a cool and convenient way to wear it? Make it uber chic with a MASK CHAIN by 2S Design Houses. Any mask + chain for $40. Choose from a 24 inch Gold Plated or Gunmetal Plated Chain. You can wear it on any mask!

The ladies at 2S Design House have been so wonderful to collaborate with on our mask project. Plus we have studios in the same building so it was meant to be. Check out more of their gorgeous work at AnnMann Designs and Ngan Vuong.


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