To say collaborating with Danielle Nicole to design her custom Grammy look was an honor and highlight of my year is a major understatement. Every moment of this project was exhilarating and inspiring.

Getting to Know Danielle

First of all, stop what you are doing and listen to this amazing musician! Before I met Danielle in person, I had heard Danielle's songs from "Wolf Den," her first solo album, on the radio and remember being floored by her voice and music. She's incredible and I hope more people have the opportunity to be touched by her music as I have been. While I was creating her custom look for the Grammys I had her Spotify station streaming on repeat. Art inspiring art.

Here's a little more about her from her website: 

"I think that it's a good time for the kind of thing I'm doing," she states. "From my years of playing blues festivals, I've seen that younger and younger audiences are getting into the blues. I think that people want to hear authentic music again." —Danielle Nicole

The Making of Danielle Nicole’s Grammy Gown

A custom made gown is the result of a creative process involving both the client and the designer. It was an honor to work with Danielle to bring her vision for the GRAMMYs to life. This process of consultation, design ideation, fabric selection, draping, patternmaking, sample making, fittings, pattern adjustments and construction with hand sewing can take months to complete.

We did it in a little over 3 weeks.

The following series of images is a look behind-the-scenes at the design process.

Design Planning for Danielle’s Grammy Gown

Inspired by her music (blues/rock), we decided on a dark blue gown with lots of texture in the form of lace and feathers, with gold accents!

Draping the Base Dress Design on the Form

Front Drape: symmetrical designs are draped on the half body only.

First muslin sample fitting, then pattern adjustments.


Pattern pieces cut and ready to be sewn for the base layer and lining of second sample (now in final fabric).

Second sample ready for fitting.

Cutting out lace pieces.

Ready for lace overlay: draping french darts to contour to blue base layer.

Feathers will layer in 3 tiers for the bottom flounce.

Attaching lace to feathers.

Hand stitching lace motifs to bodice.

Packing her up!

Off to the GRAMMYs in Los Angeles!

At the GRAMMYs!


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