Dear friends,

"What a year. I truly hope your spirits are lifting as a new Spring is upon us. It’s been a tremendous year of survival and introspection as well as gratitude and new growth. 

This time of quiet and quarantine has provided the space for learning and evolving. I couldn’t be more excited to share with you several BIG announcements." – Sarah

We have completely digitized our collection of hand drafted patterns with CAD pattern making software. This sets us up for easily translating styles into size ranges and facilitates garment production. 

We are committed to the values of slow fashion — and will be releasing our ready-to-wear styles one by one this year with made-to-order availability. We look forward to sharing beautiful, timeless designs tailored to your life. Our first release will be announced later this month!

Our website has been completely revamped with a new look and most importantly you can now shop online. Our Custom Design Collection populates most of the site for now, but will be filled with ready-to-wear styles as they are released.

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