Kansas City’s identity is changing from flyover to fly-to. Meet passionate influencers with tons of local pride and almost crazy national ambition. Are these the movers and shakers that, 10 years later, people will point to as the ones who made KC what it is?

In the final episode of "Show Me," Jennifer Lapka of Rightfully Sewn explains her mission to breathe new life into Kansas City's garment district and train women currently living in social service agencies to work as seamstresses. 

Is Kansas City’s Stockyard District poised to be our next Garment District? Rightfully Sewn’s Jennifer Lapka thinks so, and she’s playing her part in making that happen. Rightfully Sewn is focused on revitalizing the Kansas City garment and fashion scene — a once thriving industry here — by training at-risk women as seamstresses and placing them in apprenticeships. Lapka says it’s clear Kansas City should take a page from its history book and re-invest in a garment district.

Season 2 of Show Me is a four-part video series. Follow both seasons of the series here.

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